What is the best swag for motorbike and bike travel?

Everyone is talking about what is the best swag for bike travel so here
is an article we have posted to answer all the questions.

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FAQ’s Best Bike/Motorbike Swags?

The problem is of course space and most bike swags roll
up small but are little more than sleeping bags when they
are set up, which is ok on a fine night but if it is hot or raining
then you want a bit more space inside.

After a lot of testing we have found an ideal set up for bike swags combining the size and many benefits of the King single
Viking Swag www.VikingSwags.com with a great mattress.

Basically we take out the usual swag mattress we supply and replace
it with one of the new self inflating matresses specially made for us by
Oztrail (one of the largest and best manufacturers of Australian Quality
Camping Goods).

This mattress works by having an outer shell with locking valves
so when you roll up the mattress you compress all the air out and then lock off the valve when rolled, sealing it at a smaller size.

When you want to set up just unroll your swag and then unscrew the
mattress valve, it inflates itself as the air gets sucked in by the
expanding foam, very good design, no pumps, suction or blowing needed.

The dimensions are
Complete King Single Viking Swag and Self Inflating
Mattress, (Rolled) 30cms diameter x 72 cms wide, weight approx. 5.9kgs.

Mattress dimensions are 195cms x 70cms x 8cms.

Very light, very compact, but with all the room and benefits of a full King Single size swag.

You simply will not find a better bike swag mattress combination than this.

As for poles and and other bulky set up we have designed the Australian Camping Viking Swag so that you can use either flex poles or straight rigid poles but we have plenty of customer feedback to suggest that most people don't want a complicated set up so we have included in the design a way for you to just use rope tied off to the head and foot, simple, quick and nothing to forget or break.

Cost is plus $50 (we take off the cost of the Gold medal mattress which we usually supply).

This includes all bonuses currently on offer including free delivery.

Extended 3 year warranty on Mattress and usual 10 year warranty on Viking Swag.

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